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Limited by days evaluation license has expired


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I've got a cloud subscription - a few other developers and I have been using it for a few months on other machines both with and without local servers.

I have a fresh install of plasticscm-cloud version on OpenSUSE. After signing into my cloud account in the main interface, and enabling the local server daemon service, I find that I'm able to connect to without any trouble. When I try to do anything with it, though, I get an error window that says "Limited by days evaluation license has expired."

I couldn't find anything in the configuration guide about directly configuring the local server, apart from creating Sync Views. There are currently zero Google search results for the error message I'm receiving. I also notice there's an info message that says "It seems you don't have a Plastic Cloud organization yet" in my GUI. No results for that either.

So what needs to be done here? Is there some sort of log-in process that I can do from the server CLI? Or if it's best to wipe all local configuration and start over, where are all of the files I would need to delete in order to accomplish that?

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The Plastic Cloud Edition installer includes un unlimted license to manage your local server. We transparently install this local server to store your local repositories. Running the "cm li" command I get:

Licensed to: Cloud Edition license
Expiration date: Unlimited
Edition: cloud
Total licensed users: 1
Total activated users: 1
Total available users: 0

Could you check if it actually was a clean installation running the "cm li" command? If you remove a previous installation, it's important that you manually remove the old configuration files. The license file is "plasticd.lic" and it can be found in the "server" folder. The server configuration files are stored at "/opt/plasticscm5/server" and there are some user configuration files at "/home/users/.plastic4".




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