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Issue with differences between Cloud and Local copies stopping me from pushing code


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I was wondering if I could get some help.

We've been using Plastic SCM Cloud for around a year now and it's great; we love it!

One problem we've encountered over the past 24 hours whilst is frustrating the hell out of me is that some code that's been written wouldn't check in; no-one had checked in any code in the meantime though it would appear our Cloud and my Local copies have somehow gone out of sync, with the following message when I go to push our code to the cloud:


The local copy looks as follows after numerous attempts to delete changesets and push changes:


This is what the remote copy looks like (following). I've tried deleting the changesets on the server, Replicating them via "Branches", and even deleted everything back to the red and blue /man branch set though nothing would work, so by the looks of things I've made things even worse:


When i try to delete the remote changesets I'd deleted on my local repository the "Delete changeset" is greyed out so I can't delete them.


The changeset definitely still exists on the remote server, yet when I try to switch to that changeset it says the "Workspace selector contains errors" as follows:


Ideally I'd like to delete all of the following as circled to the right and keep what's in the circle on the left, then blend that child branch into /main again. This is what I was doing that avalanched into the above problem.


If someone could offer some assistance I would be really appreciative.

The other thing that has occurred as well is that even though the packages I'd been working with hadn't been changed from within Unity (we're Unity game developers), all of the screen size elements changed within the package (somehow) even though it wasn't even open in Unity, with all of the screens we'd developed all overlapping one another. Somehow it seems PlasticSCM changed some files and inadvertently effected all of our screen sizes (this is secondary to the above problem though I wanted to let you know all of the issue).

Anyway, if we could get some assistance on this it would be greatly appreciated as I spent over four hours last night attempting to resolve the issue and got absolutely nowhere.

Additional to the above, even though the workspace couldn't be switched to for the chat0003-photon changeset I want to keep, I did manage to mount it via PlasticDrive and get a copy of it, so it definitely still exists on the server.

Even if the solution is to delete everything back to the last red/blue /main changeset and delete everything else following that, this would also be a suitable solution if it can be done on both the local and cloud copies so we can move forward with blending the copy I've taken back in. The issue is at present though that the remote copies aren't allowing pushes to occur for anything now.

Many thanks and hopefully someone can assist.




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Hi Christian,

I believe you'll be able to solve your problems by pulling the cloud content to your local repository. The second branch explorer screenshot shows remote changesets, the ones with the dotted border, those can't be removed. 

Try to pull the cloud changesets to your local Plastic SCM repository using the Sync view. Once you have them local you'll need to reconcile the multiple heads scenario that will be created, check this for more info: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/distributed/plastic-scm-version-control-distributed-guide.shtml#Replicationindetail 

I don't recommend you to delete the pulled changesets since the delete changeset is not propagated to the Cloud, if you want to "remove" content use the subtractive merge instead: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/advanced-version-control-guide.html

Please tell me if you need further help. I'll be available for you to get connected and help you with questions.

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