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C# 7/Visual Studio 2017 support

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Yes, it's in our roadmap supporting the new c# 7 release.

Unfortunately I can't give you an ETA, we are about to launch Plastic SCM 6 and it's really time consuming.

As soon as we start with it I'll upgrade this thread.

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I think this creates a larger concern that I'm wondering if you considered, namely that the C# team is planning a faster cadence with smaller 'dot versions' coming quaterly (See: https://medium.com/@jakubgarfield/c-7-0-and-beyond-with-mads-torgersen-36c44a047024, section 'The Future').  Will the Plastic team be able to keep up with the pace of these sorts of changes?  Obviously not all releases will require changes to semantic merge, but it definitely has to be a concern/consideration?

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