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Automatically show list of affected files in a changeset when navigating in Branch Explorer?

Mikael Kalms

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when I navigate around in the Branch explorer, I often find that I would like to use it to understand how the set of files have changed as I move along the changesets of a branch, or a pair of branches. More formalized: I would like to be able to browse history, in a top-down manner (branches -> changesets -> files -> edits within files), and I would like to be able to quickly move around in that history, and see information about branches + changesets + files in the same view (without having to do more than one click per changeset, or opening many windows). Is this already supported with the current UI?


If not, one way could be to let part of the Branch Explorer be set (optionally) to show the list of modified files, kind of like in the attached image mockup.

Right now I use the following approaches:

1) Select changesets, one by one, and press Ctrl-D on them, then look through the list of changed files in each of the windows that now open. This is convolute

2) Right-click on on the branch, choose "View > Explore changesets on this branch", look in the branch explorer and memorize which range of changesets I am interested in, scroll through the set of changesets to find the right range I am interested in, inspect these changesets

Both approaches work - but they are more effort than I would like them to be.




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Hi Mikael,

We released the dynamic diff window functionality in version This means that the first diff window you open (by double-clicking a changeset in the branch explorer, for instance) will have its contents updated whenever the selected object changes (e.g. clicking on a different branch or changeset). This improves navigating differences, specially in a multi-monitor setup.

Is this approach suitable for your scenario? As always, you're welcome to add your suggestion as a desirable feature in our UserVoice site (https://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general) and see if it gets traction from other users! 




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