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URGENT: revInfo.Owner null before cache


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Apologies for the urgency but we are in an extreme amount of trouble. One of our machines started reporting this error whenever we try to switch to a changeset. We have no idea how to restore it to working operations (tried new workspace), and our deadline is literally in 5 days. Please help asap.

Best regards,
Damir H.

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Hello Damir,

we would need to get connected in order to review the issue. Unfortunately I can't find licenses associated with your domain "gamnesia.com". Can you please tell me the email holding your Plastic SCM licenses? or your organization name?

Some questions:

1) Is it happening for all the changesets? I guess it's only happening for the latest one, or one of the latest.

2) Is this happening for your local server? Is it happening for your cloud repos?

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