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Sudeep Pandey

Powerbuilder OrcaScript: How to full get latest from SVN svn repository

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Hello to Everyone,

I'm trying to do full GLV but below script is unable to get changed object in my local directory. changes are not reflecting in my local workspace.

start session 
scc set connect property provider "Pushok SVNSCC" 
scc set connect property userid "xxx" 
scc set connect property localprojpath ".\" 
scc set connect property project "D:\Share" 
scc set connect property logfile ".\MyPortableExample.log" 
scc set connect property logappend "FALSE" 
scc set connect property deletetempfiles "FALSE" 
scc connect scc set target ".\testtarget.pbt" "refresh_all" 
scc get latest version ".\testtarget.pbt" scc refresh target "FULL" s
cc close end session

Any one have any other suggestion to get all object from SVN. 
Thanks & regard 

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