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no tree view(version


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After performing changes in my workspace,.i dont see the changes in a tree view with files inside folders.

It's inconvenient to check for each file in list view to commit a large change.We should be able to able to navigate to the folder in which files have changed.

This view is however available on the windows version of plastic but i can't switch to windows for my check-ins.

PFA,screenshot of issue.




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Hi ramesh,

Do you mean that it's difficult for you to go and select just the changes under a specific directory when there are hundreds of changed files, or is it just that you're not finding the changes you expected in the pending changes view?

If you're looking for a more efficient way to check in only the files under a particular directory, please have in mind that you can filter the results in the pending changes view through the filter entry in the top right corner: just type in the directory path or name so you can narrow down the amount of results.

If the expected changes don't appear in the pending changes tree, could you give us more details on your issue? Steps to reproduce it, workspace structure, whether you have a ignored.conf/hidden_changes.conf file, etc.

Thank you!




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