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Destructive automerge


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Twice since I started my project has changeset been unknowingly set to "0" while in the middle of working. Recently this caused me to lose all of my local changes.

When I go to checkin, my changeset appears to be set to zero in my branch explorer, but no files on my computer support this. All files are up to date locally. When I go to checkin it only shows the local files to checkin that are different than my last changeset (22), not the changest 0 that is claims to be on. The first time this happened I merged to a new branch, then synced to the most recent change and then merged my branch in.

The most recent time this happen I automerged (everything looked like it should work, I got no errors or requests for conflicts). This merge chose to overwrite ALL my local changes with the old changes and every line of code I wrote is now gone forever.

I can't believe this happened and don't understand why an automerge would EVER overwrite local lines of code without warnings? How can I make sure this never happens again? Why is it setting my changeset to 0?

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Hello @redmond27, this is the first time in years I hear something like that.

The only way the workspace can, suddenly, start working based on the changeset #0 is removing the "plastic.wktree" file. This file is inside your workspace, contained in a hidden directory called .plastic located at the root path of your workspace. Do you have an antivirus SW that might be removing this file?

Please enable the Plastic GUI log: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/technical-articles/kb-enabling-logging-for-plastic-scm-part-i.html Make sure it starts loggin information and continue working to check if you can reproduce the issue. Hopefully the log will give us more information if something goes wrong.

Please if it happens again send us the log file and check if the mentioned "plastic.wktree" file exists.

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