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Solid Edge Integration


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Has anyone used Plastic with CAD Software, specifically Solid Edge? Or even SolidWorks?

I've been looking at Gluon and it looks like it might work, but there are a few features I'm looking for. Such as creating a specific Revision Number setup, eg. 00, 01, 02. Also, is there a way to associate different file types that should be notified when an update has happened to a specific file?

For example. In Solid Edge you have Part Files, Assembly Files, and Drawing Files. If you update the Part File then Gluon should show that the affiliated Drawing and Assembly files now need updating.

Thanks in Advance,


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Each time you commit a file change a new file revision is created. But note that in Plastic, the basic unit is the changet. Every time you modify some files and then you commit the changes (creating a new revisions for these files), you are creating a new changeset.

What we do for version number: increment a build number on each successful build: we published a series of blogs posts about it :-)

You can label a changeset with the new build number. And you can also include attributes in your workflow: Attributes are user-defined properties that can be applied to Labels, Branches and Changesets. Attributes are created in the Attributes view and then they can be applied to objects with a specific value, different in each case.



For custom notifications, you may take a look into triggers guide: 


You can create your own trigger based on your workflow but I'm afraid there is not something pre-configured to support this specific scenario with Solid Edge





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Hi Carlos,

Thank you for the detailed reply. It sounds very promising. Normally I would look into creating those notifications, scripts etc myself. But I don't have the time right now. Does Plastic or any 3rd Party offer customization services? Obviously for a fee.

Solid Edge offers an integrated PDM product that is very heavy, but it understands how the file structure works. I'm looking at Plastic, because I don't want such a complicated product to manage our files.


Thanks again for the help,


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