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Update workspace with pending changes

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Hello, I read this thread :


This is exactly what I'm trying to do but even with setting "Allow'" in Preferences/Other options and "Allow to merge with pending changes" in Preferences/Diff and merge" I can't do it.

In my situation, if I choose "Update workspace" in "Items in workspace", it does nothing.

If I choose "Switch workspace to this changeset" by selecting next changeset if the graph, it shows me an error.

What is the correct process please




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You set "merge options" but the message you are getting is about update.

Do the following:

* Go to pending changes.

* Select your changed files and right click "apply local change" (this will mark the files as checked out).

* Then go to the items view and click "update" => you should be allowed to move forward.


Plastic is doing all this to prevent weird scenarios to happen while working on the same branch.

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Thank you for this answer but it is still not working.


All my files in pending changes are Checked-out.

When I click "update" in items view, nothing happens and I am not at the latest changeset.

When I click "switch workspace to changeset", it asks me to resolve pending changes (by undo or checkin).

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Hello @pysnoo that is probably happening because your workspace is tied to a changeset. Your GUI will look like like this: (probably)


When you switch to a changeset it's because you want to load that static configuration forever. The update operation will not take the latest changes from main, it will try to load again the changeset you are switched to.

You have two ways to easy your workflow:

1) The best one is switching your workspace to branch and not to a changeset, your GUI will show something like this instead:


And your problems will disappear.

2) If you keep working switched to a changeset you can enable the Pending changes view preference called "Look for newer changes in the repository" this will search for new content and will allow you to update or merge depending on your local changes. You will see something like this once there are new content created on the branch head:



I recommend you the option #1, it's easier and more natural.

Hope it helps!


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I have exactly the same problems and I am already on a branch, not a specific changeset.
I also have "Allow to merge with pending changes" enabled, but it still won't allow me to update.

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