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Not a fan of the new Branch Explorer UI

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Just started to review Plastic 7.0 and while most of it is all great, I find the new branch explorer to be less appealing, visually, than the old one.

Just way too many circles... I mean a head changeset with a label is like four circles (or five depending on how you look at it), just seems overly cluttered.

I'm assuming this not a selectable theme and there is no way to go back to the original visualization.

Too bad too, as I really liked the more pill shaped changesets of the original.

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Hi @Xorcist,

Really sorry to read this since I really love the new design. The previous one had been around since 2010 or so, and we really wanted to try something different.

I'm writing a blogpost now and I really prefer drawing the new look for the changesets, branches and everything.


Please, give it an opportunity :). I hope you will love it as much as we do once you get used to it 

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Hi @psantosl,

I agree that there are lots of circles, but that's the portion which doesn't bother me so much.

The one that bothers me is that the color of merge links have changed to a pastel cyan which is much more difficult to see. Ideally you guys would add this stuff to preferences, and we could customize the colors ourselves (like we can for 3-way merge highlighting). On a related note, I have changesets colored by team, and branches by deployment stage. For both of these cases when I highlight a branch or changeset it turns green. This interrupts my actual decision to color these branches and changesets in a particular way.

I understand that we need a way to indicate which branch/cs is selected, but forcing the selection color to be green, especially without regard to my highlighting preferences is problematic. (One of the teams was already set to a green which was almost indentical to the "current cs" green, and it really throws me off. Similar issue for branches obviously...



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Hi @nqramjets,

Thanks for reaching out!

Ok, we can change the default color for the merge links. I don't like the pastel one either :-P.

Now, on the selection color: for ages we just used some blending. You know what: almost anybody understood it. Now multiselection is quite clear, and selection is also in most cases.


I understand the best option is to enable custom colors for more elements.


Would you guys mind sharing this in our UserVoice and proposing something as specific as possible? :)





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Windows GUI: Some users reported that merge link colors in the Branch Explorer don't have enough contrast and they are not visible enough. Changed to use a stronger green.




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