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Errors fresh install Unity plugin

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I have a rather frustrating error to do with the Unity plugin which is stopping me from being able to use the built in support.

I have a 3 user Team licence set up on a remote server which I have an open connection with in the Plastic SCM client (everything is fully functional in the client) but every time I click connect in the editor I receive two errors which I have attached.

Been up all night trying to fix this - would appreciate some help!



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Hello @Stammy,

I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with the Unity Plugin, I've just grabbed the latest installer for Unity and Plastic and it's working fine for me.

Can you please enable the log as it's described here:

please share the log result with us?

I guess you already know it but you can work without the Plugin by using the "Transparent SCM" mode: https://www.plasticscm.com/features/transparent-scm.html

You can work like that until we find out what's wrong with your setup.

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Hi Manu,

That's how I'm using Plastic at the moment, other than this issue the software works perfectly, and has solved many of our internal issues that we had with Perforce - even without the Unity integration it's a significant step up.

I've attached the files, I'll take a quick look too to see if there's anything I can fix on my end.








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Hm... missing object reference in plasticunity_api.log.txt...

2018-02-15 22:34:30,563 DEBUG PlasticAPI - API: new instance requested
2018-02-15 22:34:30,637 DEBUG PlasticAPI - API: new instance created
2018-02-15 22:34:30,863 DEBUG PlasticAPI - Error checking Unity3D license: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.. Assuming that the plugin is unlicensed.

Going to have a little dig around and see what I can pull up :)

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Hi @Stammy,

thank you fro the log info.

From what I see we might have two issue in your installation.

1) Bad client.conf configuration: What happens if you open a command line client and you type "cm lrep", does it work?

2) Bad license installed at your server: Can you please download again your license and install it over the one you already have? Then restart the Plastic SCM server. I can also generate you another license, I can't find licenses associates with your mail domain so I will need to know your license holder email.

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This issue could happen when:

- The Plastic license actually doesn't support the Unity plugin.Any commertial license should have support for the plugin.

- When the Unity plugin cannot reach the Plastic plugin for unity (it should never happen with a regular installation of Plastic SCM and Unity). We have seen it in the past when an antivirus was removing/blocking the plugin binary so they were not able to communicate.

@Voodoo Detective, could you reach us to support@codicesoftware.com so we can review your Plastic SCM license?


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Wait what? Plastic SCM doesn't support Unity personal license? So we need Unity Plus or Pro license? Or are you talking about a paid Plastic SCM license?


I read the Unity Asset store and nowhere it specifies in the requirements section such specific license model. What is this?


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