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Fully cleaning a changeset

Michael Buchoff

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As part of our automated build process, we want to undo all changes and delete all added files (ignored and hidden) before building so that we're starting from a completely clean changeset.  We've experimented with various cm.exe options, but haven't found any combination that does what we're trying to do.

As a workaround, we typically delete the entire directory (with rmdir /s /q) and check it back out, but occasionally the directory doesn't delete successfully; one of the background processes such as an antivirus or plasticscmshellextensionproxy.exe probably has lock on it.

What's the preferred way to completely clean a changeset?

Thanks in advance.

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Wow, thanks for the fast response!

When I tried cm unco --allit undid all my changes, but didn't delete all the private, hidden, and ignored files.  When typing cm unco --help, the help text doesn't mention the --all switch, so maybe there's a way to ask for this as well?

Edit:  cm version tells me I'm running

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Hi @Michael Buchoff,

I'm afraid plastic will never delete your private files but you can search them and get rid of them.

For ignored private files you can do the following:

@echo off
    setlocal enableextensions disabledelayedexpansion

    for /f "delims=" %%a in ('cm status --private --short') do del /q "%%a"

Yes, a little tricky since the del command can't be piped (AFIK).

You can combine the ignore and private search by using the two flags at once: --ignored --private

Hope it helps!

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So we finally got around to applying the script above and it seems to almost work.  There's a delay of a few minutes, followed by a long list of del command deleting the ignored files/directories.  Unfortunately, the final del command is:



del /q "Finding changed files took too long. Perf tips: https://www.plasticscm.com/download/help/statusperfhintschanged"


Apparently, there's a built-in time limit for the cm status command to run.  Is there an option to turn that time limit off?

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In case it helps anyone, there's a flag


that can be combined with


to filter out the contents below ignored directories, thereby simplifying the output. The following command gives a list that can be used directly in a FOR loop :

cm status --ignored --cutignored --compact --short


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