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BlueOcean build view doesn't display changeset descriptions for some builds

Mikael Kalms

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I have installed the Jenkins Plastic 2.11 plugin update recently. It is working well so far: builds are triggered when they should, and not triggered when they should not.

I have noticed one discrepancy though; the BlueOcean UI is sometimes not displaying the changeset descriptions for certain builds. The underlying triggering does work correctly; this is just a presentation problem.


Changeset descriptions are picked up correctly by Jenkins' classic pipeline view:



Build jobs are performed with the appropriate changeset checked out on the Jenkins slave:






Changeset descriptions are not always displayed in Blue Ocean though:



So build #1500 and #1502 should have changeset descriptions displayed in Blue Ocean's Pipeline view, but for some reason they do not.

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Hi Mikael,

Sorry for the inconveniences and thank you for your feedback.

Regarding the issues,

Issue 1: The changeset number is not filled/drawn in the GUI.
* I am able to reproduce the issue with a git repo.
* It is a bug in the Blue Ocean plugin: https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-46521





Issue 2: If a build includes multiple changesets, it will only render one of them when clicking in the detail.
* The next release will contain the fix. :)

Best regards,

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Status update for how the Blue Ocean plugin is working:

The last month's Plastic plugin fixes have improved the display a lot. Thanks for that!


Remaining problem 1: the "commit" column is blank in Blue Ocean's Pipeline view (probably core Jenkins bug, https://issues.jenkins-ci.org/browse/JENKINS-46521)

Remaining problem 2: Blue Ocean's Pipeline view sometimes doesn't display associated changeset info (probably also a core Jenkins bug, can't find any JIRA on it though). Details on that below...


The classic Pipeline view is accurate and displays one change per changeset (I am using light-weight checkout, which avoids another bug in Jenkins where changes are listed twice in the classic Pipeline view):


However, for some of these jobs, the Blue Ocean pipeline view will show "Started by an SCM change" as message. This message is shown when there is no new commit paired with the build job:


Now if I go in and look at details for a specific job - in this case, job 1662 - then it will show correct change information for that job (so that view has changeset information associated with it):image.thumb.png.994ad076635149963260ebd3b19bf7bf.png

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