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Feature request: changeset numbers in branch explorer

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Could we please have changeset numbers shown in the branch explorer? It's very disorienting and compicated to find a specific changeset number without them.

Also, you already HAVE those implemented, as they are shown in the "View history as 2D revision tree" option for items. So let us have them in the regular branch explorer as well (at least optionally).

Currently, you have to manually find them by constantly clicking, checking, scrolling a bit, clicking again, etc.
Also, may I suggest to increase the font size for the dates row in the branch explorer? If you use a zoom level where you see a decent portion of your branches (=say, a width of about 20-25 changesets), the date is already almost intelligble. If you zoom in so that you can easily read the date, you're stuck with a section of only 10-15 changesets, which are uncomfortably few, IMHO.

Even with just a single commit per day there is still enough space in that row for a bigger font.


BTW, thanks for now auto-enabling the "Display only relevant changesets" option when using "View history as 2D revision tree", resp. now storing this option individually for the "normal" branch explorer and the file history. It was very tedious having to constantly switch between them :-)


EDIT: Apologies - I just remembered you also have a uservoice site. The request already exists there, near the top of the second page: https://plasticscm.uservoice.com/forums/15467-general/suggestions/8876401-show-changeset-numbers-in-branch-explorer


Thanks  a lot! :o)


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Hi Wolfram,


Just took note of your request for the next SPRINT. I'm not 100% sure we can make it, but we'll do our best to push it :)


Thanks for the great feedback.



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