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Managing multiple PlasticSCM servers in one single Linux machine

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I'd like to know if it is possible a way to manage more than one PlasticSCM server on a Linux machine with CentOS 6.3. In my office we have several projects that would be interested in connecting to their respective PlasticSCM servers. I've read this topic: 

 But it seems a little tough to me. Is there any other easier way, or is this the only way we currently have to manage several servers in one single machine?


Thanks for your help. Regards. 


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Hi @CarlosHS,

now with Jet is much easier, I guess you are using it, right?

In that case let me summarize the steps:

1) Copy the entire Plastic SCM server directory to a new location, for example /opt/plasticscm5/server2, well everything except the

2) Edit the /opt/plasticscm5/server2/remoting.conf file, change

port="8087" to port="8097"


port="8088" to port="8098"

3) Create a "jet.conf" file and add the following:


Or use any other path at your convenience.

4) Done! Start it...

/opt/plasticscm5/server2> sudo plasticd --console

Now, why do you need a second Plastic SCM server? Why don't you create multiple repositories at the current one you have? Notice you can setup ACL for the repositories just in case you can prevent people from using/seeing certain repos...



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