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New workspace shows all files as deleted

Ol' Nick

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Hi, we are currently internally evaluating Plastic, but we're hitting a weird issue: while creating a new workspace for a repository works fine on my windows machine and my mac, on my co-worker's mac, whenever we create a new workspace from a repository, it immediately shows the status of all files as "deleted". No amount of updating the workspace or checking out branches seems to do anything.

The files are present in the repository - but the client just thinks everything is deleted for some reason?

Is this an issue with a known solution?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi @Ol' Nick,

We released yesterday version, which contains a fix for the issue your co-worker was experiencing. However, if you decide to install it you'll need to apply a temporary workaround to avoid a problem with visual components that we're fixing right now. You'll need to run directly the PlasticSCM app from a Terminal, executing this line:/


Sorry for the inconveniences. We'll release a fix ASAP.




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