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Mikael Kalms

Automated process to download + install Plastic SCM on Windows?

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I'm looking into automation of Plastic SCM client installation on Windows. Others would find this useful for workstations; I'm doing this particularly for Jenkins build slaves.

What I would like to see is that I can write a PowerShell script that downloads & installs a Plastic SCM client. Probably the latest-available version. Probably the Cloud edition.


Does any of the following exist?

1. A REST API which can be used to discover download URLs for installers. For example,

-> returns the URL https://www.plasticscm.com/download/downloadinstaller/
   which, when accessed, will redirect to the real download URL

-> returns the download URL for the latest version

2. A Chocolatey package for Plastic SCM; the package index could either live in in Chocolatey's public index, or on a machine run by Codice Software (sort of like you do with the Linux packages). The Chocolatey index would serve the same purpose as the above REST API.


Either of these, or some equivalent solution, would enable me to write a couple of lines of PowerShell which download + install the latest version of the Plastic SCM client. As it is now, I believe the best course of action for me is to split my installation scripts into two parts; one is an list of URLs which I scrape from the plasticscm.com website manually and add to the script (and update every month or so), and the second is the actual download/installation script (which remains unchanged).

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