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2D Revision Tree and 'filter only parents'

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I'm struggling to make use of the 2D revision tree following the change in regarding filtering only parents.

Previously I could select any item in the workspace and the 2D tree would instantly show how that item may have changed across any child branches in the repository.  This didn't depend on which branch I was currently switched to.

With the new filtering, when I launch the 2D revision tree, I have to go down into the Version Tree option and turn off the 'filter only parents' option in order to see an accurate history of the selected item.  Is there any way to change this default behaviour?  It really gets in the way of quickly and reliably visualising the history of a file.

How is this filtering only parents actually useful?

Grateful for any help!

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Sorry, we didn't realize that the user preference was not stored for this option. It should be, of course. We will fix it ASAP.

The 'filter only parents' option was requested for some customers that want to see only the changes that are related to the version they are loading. That's why this option depends on the working changeset as you noticed (it's the only one where you get different results depending on the changeset you are loading).

But I understand that it doesn't have to be useful for everybody.

Thanks for your feedback!



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I just wanted to let you know that I'm currently working to fix that, and it will be published soon.

Thanks again for your feedback.



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