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ignore.conf doesn't seem to work

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I have ignore.conf (below).


I'm trying various rules to ignore .git folder and it's contents, but nothing I do seems to work. Any advice ?
(i general i want to ignore everything except files with !)



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Hey thanks for reply.

I have seen this blog post several times, but some of those rules work and some don't.

Ie. ignoring files by extension work like *.dll


Does not ignore any Intermediate Folder.

Rule like:


Does not ignore files with this postfix.

It's UnrealEngine project and there are quite a few folders/files I'd like to ignore for it.

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Hi @iniside,

I'm using the latest Plastic SCM Version ( and this line in ignore.conf causes all .git directories to be ignored:


I don't really understand what you mean about the Intermediate line. This should ignore all directories called "Intermediate":


I notice, however, that you have this in your ignore.conf:


That trailing slash means that you want the contents to be ignored, but not the directory itself. Generally speaking, entering names (e.g. ".git", "Intermediate", "foo.c") as ignore rules will ignore any item (either file or directory) with that exact name and all their children, if it was a directory.


Is this helpful?




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What I wanted to achieve is to ignore directory and all it's contents. 

I think I somewhat got it working, since it seems that in ignore.conf "!" rules prevail over any previously ignored files and unblock them, which is kind of confusing coming from git where .gitignore is interpreted from top to bottom.

Either way, the solution to ignore everything inside Intermediate folder was to ignore all *.cpp and *.h files, and then do something like !Source/*.cpp, which is also not perfect solution.

Because in Unreal actual relevelant .cpp and .h files cloud spread over various directories (like ThirdParty, where there might no be Source directory).


It would be nice to get direct support for .gitignore scheme, as it is far more flexible in huge project like Unreal Engine, where there is no clean cut directory/file structure.

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