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Exclusive locks


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How do I set up the cloud edition so that artists can use exclusive locks but coders don't have to? I want it to give an error if a developer tries to push a checkin to the server that tries to change a file that an artist has checked out.

Is this possible?

I see a lot of references to lock.conf in the documentation, but I'm not sure if this is needed for the cloud. I've set up the cloud admin page to have lock rules for the repository in question, but it didn't create a lock.conf file on disk... was it meant to?

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From your organization panel at "cloud.plasticscm.com" you can configure custom lock rules for your repos based and path, file extension...You don't need to manually create a "lock.conf". This is only necessary for hosted servers. For cloud servers, you just need to use this panel

If you are going to use locks, you have to follow a centralized workflow, users directly committing to the central cloud server. If the developers are following a distributed workflow (push/pull branches from a local repo), the locking is not going to work.

More info regarding the locking workflow:




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