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Stephen Taylor

File missing form ChangeSet after Subtractive merge

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So I submitted a changeset to main which included a modification to a file. I then did a subtractive merge and submitted this to main.

I could see that the file in question was changed back to the old version. I then did another subtractive merge on the changeset containing the first subtractive merge to restore the files to their original form in my new branch. I submitted this new changeset to my new branch but the file in question was still the old version. Every other file was back to the new version and when I inspect this restorative changeset there is no mention of the file in question, it is missing. If I look at the changeset of the original subtractive merge I can see the file listed and if I try to repro if by doing the restorative subtractive merge again I can see the file is included now.

So my question is how could this file have disappeared if the chnagesets are atomic units? Can you think of anything I might have done to make that file disappear?

If you try to untick the file before submitting it won't let you as the changeset needs to be treated as a whole.



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