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Trac - Server committed a protocol violation

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Good day, everyone!

I am trying to configure Plastic SCM integration with an issue tracker Trac. I have Plastic SCM server installed on one PC (Win10x64) and a Trac server installed on virtual machine (Win7 SP1). Trac server has XML-RPC installed, enabled and added to permission list of every user. But every time I press Test Connection in Plastic configuration window:

  • Server console returns multiple "code 400, message Bad HTTP/0.9 request type ('<?xml')"
  • After about 15 seconds Plastic shows error message: "Test connection failed. Please review entered values. Server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine"

I've included a screenshot of Plastic settings concerning issue tracker integration. URL is reachable if I put it into browser, and I can login into Trac using the username and password I provided in this window.

The Trac server is launched with the following command: tracd --port 8080 --basic-auth="GameManager,C:\Trac\GameManager\conf\auth-basic.txt,trac" C:\Trac\GameManager

Considering that all instructions I found on the Internet are more than five years old, is the compatibility with Trac still maintained? If so, can you please help me resolve this problem?


Plastic version:

Trac version 1.2.3

XML-RPC version 1.1.7

Also, here's a stacktrace from plastic.debug.log:

2019-01-31 18:50:08,233 DERON\DragDen ERROR PlasticThread - Error when performing background operation: Server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine
2019-01-31 18:50:08,233 DERON\DragDen DEBUG PlasticThread - Stack trace:    in Codice.Client.IssueTracker.Trac.TicketResolver.TestConnection(ITicketHandler tckHandler, Int32 ticketId)
   in Codice.Client.IssueTracker.Trac.TracExtension.TestConnection(IssueTrackerConfiguration configuration)
   in ts.a.a()
   in Codice.Client.Common.Threading.PlasticThread.ThreadWork(Object state)



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