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Server upgrade 5.0 to 8.0

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We're running Plastic SCM server with Firebird embedded database on Windows 2008 R2. We want to upgrade to the latest version ( it seems) for various functionality reasons. We'd look to upgrade clients at the same time.

Can I just run the latest installer to upgrade straight from v5 to v8? Are there any issues I need to be aware of? Any additional preparation we should do, given we're jumping three major versions?

Thanks for your help.

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The installer will perform the server upgrade for you (both server binaries and databases). You will also need to upgrade your clients to connect to the new server version.

The only thing to consider is that Firebird databases are not very recommended for production in a central server. We recommend you to migrate the databases to Jet (our file-based database system). You will get better performance.


Also, if you are using an unlimited license, you will need to reach us at support@codicesftware.com in order to generate anew license with Plastic 8.0 support.



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