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Apply windows folder/file locks to a read-only xlink

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We have recently set up a project where a directory within that project is an xlink to another project. The files within this xlink are meant to never be edited, so we have the xlink on read-only.

Whilst this is fine to prevent any changes to the files on source control, we need to enforce that our users cannot modify the files locally at all. Ideally this would be with a windows file lock applied recursively to the directory.

Is there a convention for doing this within plastic? The closest idea I have is to use client-side triggers to file lock the directory, but I cant see a way of applying the trigger to a single repository? It feels like I am probably missing an element of Plastic SCM to solve this problem?

Any help much appreciated!


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Plastic can prevent to checkin the changes to a read-only Xlink but it can't prevent an external tool to locally modify these changes out of the Plastic control (eg. via Windows Explorer or text editor). I think you asking for something at the OS level? By the way, Plastic support creating triggers for specific repos.



cm mktrigger before-mklabel "label-bl-fix" "c:\tmp\triggers\label-bl-fix.bat" --filter="rep:default,bl*,fix*"



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