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Dark Theme doesn't properly theme the UI


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We have in mind to improve the dark themes. All backgrounds should be dark.

This implies refactoring colors and redoing all the light and dark themes. Not a short task, since plastic is a wide application with lots of screens and dialogs, but doable.

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On 10/5/2020 at 4:27 PM, danipen said:


We're starting the development of the next GUI (called GUI 9 internally) in the next weeks. We expect having time to refactor the dark theme and implement a proper one.

Ok July 2021 now, where is the Dark Mode?
In the Plasitc SCM UI, I went to preferences -> Theme and selected: Montana Dark
This is not a dark theme, background is near white and glaring. Not cool :(
Please show that you care for your users and PRIORITIZE THIS.

PlasticSCM Supposed Dark Mode.png

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We are working a new multiplatform GUI. It should ease the development of a modern dark theme taht works both for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Hopefully we have good new soon. I'm sharing your request with the product team.



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Can we have an ETA on this feature?

I know it may seem like a detail but this is not just an aesthetic choice. Every other tools around cinema and video games are using a dark theme because it goes with the territory.

A white interface like plastic may not be noticeable to you but for many of us it's like driving at night with a satnav that doesn't have a night theme.

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