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Deleting files from plastic

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Hi, I've checked in some data files, which seemed like a good idea at the time. Now my repository is massive and I want to be rid of them. Is it possible to delete files out of plastic, including the history to reduce the sync size?

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Is this a locally hosted Plastic server? What is your database backend? For a local server (if not using Jet) you can use the archive feature:


When you archive a revision from the DB you are actually removing 20MB from the database but the db engine will keep those 20MB allocated for further insertions, so the disk spot is actually not released.

I'm not 100% sure about sqlite, but SqlServer, for example, is able to "repack" the database defragmenting the unused spots. Re-writing the database will also release disk, dumping a backup and importing it will do it, replicating the repo to another one will do it too.

It's in our roadmap to support archiving revisions in Jet and then repack the database but I'm afraid it's not yet scheduled for the near future.





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