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Feature request: path permisions with meta files

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I recently started using the path permission feature. Very practical, it allows me to have some private folders in my project that can be un-modifiable or invisible to users or group of users. But working on Unity, asset files come with a meta file. If I fully lock out a user from a folder and don't manually set the same permission for the meta file, the latter will be deleted by their Unity and appears added and deleted in our change set.

That means forgetting the meta file would reveal there is a hidden folder to users who should not know about it.

This could be solved by adding a multiple paths section feature for starter. And then adding an auto select meta file considering on Unity, it has the exact same name with .meta at the end.


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The most common scenario to me is working on a project and having a client or freelancer needing to work with me on it. It happened in the past before I was using plastic and i couldn't do that because that meant letting said client access source files, homemade/paid tools or confidential features just so they could work on some isolated assets. As a result, I had to manually re-import each of their updates which was disruptive and time consuming. There is also a practical aspect to it: my project is currently 80GB, I don't want anybody who works with me to have to download the whole thing while they don't need it.

Think of my project as an office building: many people work it it but some area are limited to selected employees.

This may not be common practice in the field, but Unity project's are very modular and as long as you know what you're doing, you can remove chunks of it without breaking the parts that are not using it. This way they can work on a altered version of the project without me worrying about people not respecting their NDA.

I hope that answer your question.


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