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Mikael Kalms

The chatbot keeps re-appearing for me

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This fellow keeps appearing for me, even though I dismiss it:

Yesterday, the chatbot appeared when I visited both www.plasticscm.com and forum.plasticscm.com. I dismissed the chatbot by clicking the (X) symbol that appears when hovering over it. This replaced the chatbot with a conversation-bubble icon instead (both on www.plasticscm.com and forum.plasticscm.com).

Today, when I arrived to work, I still had a browser tab open pointing to forum.plasticscm.com. I was still logged in since yesterday with my current forum user. When I clicked F5 to refresh the page, the chatbot re-appeared.


Since the chatbot re-appears, it contributes negatively to my forum browsing experience. I will now dismiss the chatbot again.

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