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Cherry pick a whole branch?

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I have this scenario:

  • quite an old reference changeset (like 100 revisions back, even a lot more), representing a version used by the customer
  • several branches with new features and fixes, newer that the reference changeset
  • request for a patch release, which would include a few of the fixes and new features

Obviously, I'd start a new branch for the patch release from the reference changeset. However, the issue is how to merge the selected fixes and features? Cherry picking individual changesets is not an option — I'd have to do this over like 20–30 changeset. On the other hand, the fixes and features are located in like 3 branches. 

What I'd like to be able to do, is cherry pick a whole branch, i.e. all changes done in a particular branch. This way, in my situation I'd cherry pick three times instead of thirty. Quite a big difference.

From my perspective, the atomic changeset concept, while otherwise logical, is quite failing to support real-world scenarios like this case.

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