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Andrew Carvalho

Sign In Requested Every GUI Boot

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Recently the plastic GUI started prompting me to sign in with the first time onboarding process the first time I launch plastic every time I boot my machine.  This may have happened around the time where the cloud page (I am a cloud user) were integrated into the main page. If I get far enough to where it prompts to create a default workspace, then exit out early and relaunch, it boots with my last configuration.

Some additional info info in case it is useful:

  • My client.cong file in appdata has secutiryconfig, current workspace, etc configured.
  • I am a member of two different organizations (one for my own studio and one for a client
  •  I am running v8.0.16.3189
  • Sometimes I can boot as expected without seeing the login screen. Minimal testing shows this seems to happen (but not consistently) if I log into the plastic site (I think specifically the forums?) before launching plastic.  This is fuzzy but I haven't had the time to investigate further.

Clearly I can work around this for now but I'd love some help figuring out why this is happening and it's very mildly annoying.

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I think you may be affected by the following bug already fixed:

Windows - Visual Studio Package - Cloud Edition: The credentials dialog appeared every time you switch from using any Plastic GUI to Visual Studio plugin in Cloud Edition installations. Now it's fixed.




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