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Git complains text diff tool (XMerge) couldn't resolve changes


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I gave a C# project for which I am using Git for source control. The following is the relevant section from my .gitconfig

[mergetool]  keepBackup = false
  prompt = false

  tool = semanticmerge
  tool = semanticmerge
  prompt = false
[difftool "semanticmerge"]
  cmd = <path_to_app_data_local>/PlasticSCM4/semanticmerge/semanticmergetool.exe -s \"$LOCAL\" -d \"$REMOTE\"
[mergetool "semanticmerge"]
  trustExitCode = true
  cmd = <path_to_app_data_local>/PlasticSCM4/semanticmerge/semanticmergetool.exe -d \"$LOCAL\" -s \"$REMOTE\" -b \"$BASE\" -r \"$MERGED\" -a

When there are merge conflicts in files not supported my SemanticMerge, like .js or .csproj, SemanticMerge warns me about the language not being supported. It then opens the text merge tool. I resolve the conflicts. I save the changes and close the tool. However Git immediately complains that the mergetool didn't resolve any conflict and asks me whether I should proceed with merging the remaining conflicted files. 


Why doesn't Git recognise that I have resolved all conflicts? 

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