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Scott B

Error "No checkout branch found." when saving file

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I had a fully checked in project I wanted to apply a label to.  I accidentally clicked and created a branch instead.  I deleted the branch, and then correctly created the label.

I then made changes to a file. I tried to save the file (in Visual Studio), and received the error (but the file was saved).  The file does not show that it is checked out, and the Branch Explorer does not show that there are any outstanding changes.

I brought up the Plastic SCM program, and the Branch Explorer there DOES show that there are changes to be checked in.  If I try to check them in, I get the same error.

I haven't figured out a work around yet.  I can't move forward without checking in changes.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Scott


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Well, I found a way to fix it.  From the Plastic SCM program, I undid my changes, and then told it to switch my workspace to the current branch, even though that was already my workspace version.  After doing so, I no longer get the error.  

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Hi Scott,

We have just released  a new task that should be helpful in scenarios like yours:

All platforms - Plastic, Gluon: We improved the behavior when you have local changes and the changeset loaded in your workspace is deleted by a different user.

Before these improvements, this meant that you got stuck: at that point you were unable to checkin, shelve or undo your local changes.

We modified the client behavior to enable you to undo your local changes, letting you out of that loophole. Shelving or checking them in will still be unavailable, as they wouldn't have a parent changeset.

The 'undo' behavior will be slightly different depending on the client you use:

Gluon will always allow you to undo the local changes. If the original contents aren't available anymore, the head contents of the current branch will be used instead.

Plastic, on the other hand, will notify you about the inconsistency and then ask you for confirmation to undo all your local changes and update the current workspace.



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