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User/group always at head or label

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Hi there!

I had a search, but couldn't find info on this in the forums, which makes me think that either I'm missing the obvious, or what I'm asking is pretty silly.
In our small department, we have people who art, and people who code, and some who do both. Our directory setup for each person has two top level folders:


The artists are frequently making changes in their projects workspace through Gluon, which is great, but they are never updating their tools workspace.
I was wondering what solutions I could use to make sure that they are always at the head of the main tools branch, or at a specific label? But to also allow the 'coders' to choose which changeset they update to.

I'm sure this isn't a new problem, I'd just love some direction on some ways to achieve this.


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Hi Fleer,

Well, this is a pretty interesting topic. In fact, it is worth a blogpost and a chapter in the Plastic book. I just feel dumb I didn't write it.

There are different possible options:

a) An after-update trigger that launches the update under projects behind the scenes for them each time they update something.

b) Force them to work with Plastic and work on the main branch => then they must update. But probably not a good choice.

There are other options but they are more in the structure side of things, not really in "forcing users to update".


Let me know if a) makes sense, and I'll share this with the team.



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