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Why before-clientcheckout trigger is invoked when I undo auto-detected changed files?

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Hello,  I'm using plasticscm version.
I have a question about the before-clientcheckout trigger.

When I undo changed files (which is not explictly checked out,  they are automatically detected as changed) before-clientcheckout trigger is always invoked.
All I want to do is just undo changed files, why that trigger is invoked? 

It seems to be a programmatic issue, but it's very strange invoking before-clientcheckout trigger by undo changed files.
(Actually before-clientcheckout trigger is not invoked when I undo explictly checked out files.)

So I wonder if there is a way around this issue.

Thank you for reading my question.


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The thing is when you are undoing changes, Plastic internally promotes them first to checkout and that's why the trigger is invoked. We should protect this scenario to avoid the "before-clientcheckout" triggers to be run in this scenario.

Sorry for the inconveniences,


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