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Jon Marshall

Jira - mark as open

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Hi all

We have a Triage process for tickets and the ticket status follows:

Backlog > Triaged > 'In Progress'


Triaged are available to be picked up by developers for action. When developers select the "Mark as open" upon creating the branch, the ticket does not get moved on to 'In Progress'

Can anyone tell me where I can configure what actually constitutes 'Open' in Plastic SCM?


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1. Could you attach the Plastic client log?


2. Could you run the following query in your browser?


- Our code is processing the definition of the transition following the next steps from 1 to 3:

[{ // transition definition
  "to": { // status definition
      "name": "...", // 2. status.name == "In Progress"
      "statusCategory": {
        "key": "..." // 1. status.statusCategory.key == "indeterminate"
        "name": "..." // 3. status.statusCategory.name == "In Progress"



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