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Marc S

I'm stuck with no way out.

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I'm stuck in an infinite loop.

I think this issue has been caused by some files with a ridiculous long name (from an asset that I bought). I deleted these files but plastic keeps trying to track them or something and won't let me get back to work.

I currently can't get my late changes because there is a merge pending.

The merge is empty, so I can't do anything about it.

Reverting my local changes doesn't work because of an error (certainly caused by the long name file).

What can i do?

This is not the first time I'm stuck in a similar situation. We need an option to switch to a changeset and forget about whatever was causing an issue. Even when I manage to find a solution, it's way too complicated to deal with it. In this instance, I'm stuck with a merge I didn't even want in the first place.

Can't we get that option? I understand you want to avoid users losing data but in my experience, dealing with an obtuse version control is much worse. You could baby-proof it with a window asking the user to type "I understand i will lose my local changes but this is an emergency" to use it.



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Hi Marc,

Please, could you send us an email to support@codicesoftware.com with your available time, so we can send you a meeting to review your problem and give a solution?

Best regards,


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Probleme solved thanks to Plastic's responsiveness and good support. 👍

Here is how it was done for people who'd need it. Close Plastic. Open your project folder and locate .Plastic (it's a hidden folder). You'll find some files containing the data like your current merge. delete the file causing an issue. Restart Plastic and go to the changeset you wanted.

I'm not sure which file to delete keep in mind this is a risky solution, so in fou have doubts, I'd recommend contacting support about this.

Hopfully, we can get an option to clean these files from the main interface and not worry about this anymore.

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