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Mikael Kalms

Documentation change suggestions for Administrator's guide, Chapter 16: Configuration files

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I was looking to change the database path for my local server, but had quite a bit of trouble finding the appropriate documentation. It took me three or four rounds of searching until I had connected the dots. Here are things that would haved helped me get an answer more quickly:


In the https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/administration/plastic-scm-version-control-administrator-guide document...

* In "Chapter 16: Configuration files", the links in the 'db.conf' section are broken (they lead to anchors in the guide that have been renamed since - #Chapter8:Databasesetup vs #Chapter8:Repositorystorageconfiguration). It would have helped me if 1) this section had correct links, and 2) it mentioned that the db.conf was for configuring SQL-type databases.

* In "Chapter 16: Configuration files", there is no mention of the 'jet.conf' file (there is a section for it in Chapter 8 however). It would have helped me if 1) there was a separate section about jet.conf in Chapter 16, and 2) it mentioned that jet.conf was for configuring Jet-type databases.

* It would have helped me if there was a default 'jet.conf' present in "c:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\server", as that would have allowed me to discover the setting(s) by looking through all the server's config files.



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Hi Mikael,

The Administrator's guide is now updated:

* The links related to the "db.conf" configuration file are now fixed. And we now specify that this file is about SQL-type backends.

* We included the "jet.conf" file explanation in the Chapter 16.

Regarding the settings of the jet.conf configuration file, we hope that you can find this info helpful.




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