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Restore Deleted Changeset

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I accidentally deleted a changeset :( and now I can't do anything. Fortunatley, I know the files that changed, so I saved them to a location outside my workspace. My plan was to switch my workspace back to the previous changeset, then copy and paste the new files back in to the workspace. 

However, I made a small change to a file after I deleted the changeset (before I realized my mistake) and now I cannot check-in that change, change my workspace or anything. 

How can I proceed? 



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Hi @ScottP!

The bad news is you can't recover a deleted changeset, it's gone.

Good news is you have a backup of the changes, so let's do the following:

  • You mentioned you did a change on a file after removing the changeset, so you workspaces has changes, you can undo the change or shelve it to avoid losing its content.
  • Then, once you have the workspace clean, place the files you copied outside the workspace (as a backup) back inside the workspace, open the pending changes view and check the change in.

Hope it makes sense. If you still have questions don't hesitate to contact us again!



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