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Francois Bertrand

Switching to a branch versus "Update Workspace" woes

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Hi! We recently found ourselves in a strange situation where we had to switch between changesets. We had to deal with some issues of "this file was changed", changing ignore lists between change sets, etc. but things seemed to be fine: we had returned to the latest changeset, and there were no pending changes.

However, some files seemed to be out-of-state, even though there were no pending changes. We found that the culprits were files showing an older change set in the workspace Explorer. Eventually, hitting "Update Workspace" fixed the solution by updating the changeset of the offending files.

We were curious; by switching changeset to the latest, shouldn't the system have also made sure all files in the workspace were at the "correct" change set number for that version? Why would we need to "Update Workspace" right after switching change set?

After looking online, we are not the only ones with this type of question (out of date files in a seemingly "clean" set up without any changes), so even if we did something wrong it would be great to know the underlying cause and correct procedure.

Thank you!!!


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Hi Francois,

If you switch your workspace with changed items (I guess you edited the preference because by default it's not possible), you can end up in a scenario where your workspace is pointing to a changeset but not all the revisions point to this changeset. You will need to update/update forced to actually overwrite your original changes.

Also, you can end up with the following error: "The parent revision of the item is inconsistent with the loaded one in changeset cs:xxx"
Please check the following article for more information where we explain why you have to be careful when you switch your workspace with local changes:

Best regards,

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