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WebUI For Cloud Edition?

Ivan Wullems

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Hey guys,

I've been setting up Plastic Cloud Edition, but have been unable to get Code Reviews to work on our Mac machines. Upon contacting support, I was told that these users could use the WebUI, but I've been unable to find anything about how to do so. Thus, my question:

  1. How do I access the WebUI for a Cloud only repository?

I might need more info once I get that far, but I do not know that yet.

Kind Regards,


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As an update for the forum post (we have been also chatting via support email):

As you probably saw in our blog, we are currently redoing the entire code review system to come up with something much more powerful, focusing on smoothing the interactions between reviewers and authors.

Right now the first phase for Windows has been released, but more work is yet to be done.

We'll start on the macOS side of things real soon, and our goal is to reach the current Windows feature parity before the end of 2019.



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