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Branch name changed after GitSync


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I have a branch name /main/BranchName in PlasticSCM repository and I have the whole repository sync with Git remote repository.

Sync was fine with current repository. But if I start with empty PlasticSCM repository and sync back from Git remote repository, the branch name will become /main-BranchName.

I've cloned the repository from Git directly and found out the branch named inside is indeed changed to /main-BranchName.

So, is it possible to improve this GitSync to sync as /BranchName instead of /main-BranchName?




I find PlasticSCM UI client prefix parent branch name /main/ by default, but it is possible create /BranchName by command line.

So may be if GitSync fix is not possible, then I was wondering is it possible for UI client to have an option, not to prefix /main to branch name by default?

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