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"EnableIncomingChanges" results in error window

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I wanted to try the new "EnableIncomingChanges" feature (build 3636 Windows), but all I get is a "DiffWithChanges" error dialog, and I am unable to proceeed from there.

What I did:

  • positioned myself on /main, but not on the newest changeset
  • added a few Private files to plastic by using the "Checkout" command
  • closed the client
  • added this line to the client.conf:
  • re-opened the client
  • in the Pending Changes, clicked "View new changes"
  • in the Incoming Changes window, clicked "Update workspace"

Screenshot (101).png

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If you also upgrade the server version, this error shouldn't appear. The specific release number is:

Could you confirm that the issue is not happening after the uprgade?

Sorry for the inconveniences,

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