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How do I push and pull from cloud?

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This is my first day of using Plastic SCM, so probably I'm doing something wrong, but it would be nice if such basic features didn't require hours of research. 
I made a branch for my changes, switched to it, done some work, went to Pending Changes tab, chosen the files I want to commit, added a nice description of what I did and clicked Checkin. So far so good. After that I opened Sync to Cloud tab and clicked 'Push Visible' and got an error: 


The sync process was unable to replicate the following branch:

Branch: /dev/exploration
Operation: Push
Source repository: ***
Destination repository: ***

Error description: 
There will be conflicts on destination

 So i clicked 'Pull visible', hoping that it will pull the files from cloud and let me solve potential conflicts locally. I got a nice popup that told me it's 100% complete and everything was OK. I clicked "Summary" and apparently nothing has been pulled, as Count for all positions in the list was equal 0. I closed the popup and went back to Sync to Cloud tab. Same Incoming changes as before pull were still visible on the list, no matter how many times I clicked Refresh, retried pushing and pulling, updated the workspace and relaunched the client. Am I doing something wrong or is it a malfunction?

Btw. also uploading images to the forums doesn't work. Each time I try I get "There was a problem uploading the file." message.

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So the problem is when you try to pull the cloud branch into your local repo (so then you can locally solve the conflicts).

- Could you try to pull the branch from the cloud repo "Branch explorer" view --> right-click --> pull this branch?

- Aren't you getting any specific error message?

- Could you attach the local server debug log ("C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\server\plastic.debug.log.txt")?



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