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Failed to Launch Editor - UE4 Workspace Shenanigans


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Hey there,

I was attempting to move files into another workspace with a shorter filepath to troubleshoot some errors, and doing so I followed this thread. It's likely I did something out of order, I'm new to a lot of these things still.

My steps were;

1) Open in Notepad and edit the "C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\plastic4\plastic.workspaces" file to have "D:\wkspaces" instead of "C:\Users\XXXX\wkspaces\Project"

2) Create the "D:\wkspaces" workspace on the drive

3) Attempt to open projects, receive "Failed to Launch editor" error on all projects

4) Revert path to the original workspace, attempt to open original projects and receive the same error on the unmoved/unmodified original files and workspace

As the steps show (one and two were probably done out of order), once I managed to bork the new workspace files, the originals now had the same error message associated, when they were fine originally. No changes were made to any of the projects during this. Thanks for your time!

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- We need to be careful when manually editing the configuration files. It shouldn't be done as a general recommendation.

If you are following the workaround explained in this thread it's important that you also move the workspace (including the ".plastic" folder) to the new location.

If not moving the ".plastic" folder, you are not actually moving the workspace but creating a new one on a different location.

- The proper way to move a workspace is via command (not manually).

cm cwk --help

But the user reported a problem with this command so we were trying to find a workaround.

- Also when moving the workspace, review that all the views in the Plastic GUI from the original workspace are closed.

- You can always create a new workspace in the new location (instead of moving it). If the files are already there, they won't be re-downloaded.



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