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Trimming to reduce size of the database

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We are using Plastic SCM Cloud with Unity for 1,5 years now and database size is growing up by time, although our Repository size doesn't increase at all.

This happens because the database (and cloud storage) keeps multiple versions of all assets. For example we have 50+ versions of our scene assets and they are really big. And we almost never need the older versions of scenes.

We no longer need the histories of most assets from 1 year ago. We currently have 600 changesets but the changesets 1 to 400 aren't required anymore.

As I know there was a trim command to delete old changesets from the database, but I couldn't find any info about this in the documentation.

In example, to delete all changesets from 1 to 400 and database would look like it started in changeset 401, keeping all changesets to 600.

And I guess we can backup and locally keep the original database from our disk. And if we ever need a file from those early changesets, we can access it with plastic using those backups. (From this directory: C:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\server\jet)

Am I correct with these? And if there is such an operation available, whats it called? 

Are there some best practices on what to do with such scene files that are changed often, but old versions aren't important? What should we do to avoid them growing the database size so fast?

Thank you,

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I'm afraid we still don't have a feature to support this kind of workflow to easily remove the old changesets (repo history). Not sure if you are refering to the "cm archive" commnad, but I think it won't be useful in this scenario as it won't release the space used by the databases. 

I'm sharing your feedback with the team because we have in mind to support and provide a solution for these kind of workflow. I will let you know if we shedule something in the near future.

Sorry for the inconveniences,


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We have the same problem, we've been using Plastic Cloud for more than 2 years, and we love it, but the data size on the cloud is starting to pile up and as an indie studio the cost of storage is something we'd like to reduce.

We work with Unreal Engine and we have a lot of content, textures or binaries for instance, that we want to keep in source control but do not really care about very old versions, and this stuff takes a lot of space.

I do understand it's also part of your business model to sell storage, but I wouldn't mind paying more for the license if we had a way to control what's kept in the database....


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