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Trimming to reduce size of the database


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On 10/27/2022 at 4:36 PM, blue said:

I am sorry to tell you that reducing the storage size by the GUI feature is postponed based on priority. Unfortunately, there's no estimated time at this point. As an alternative, you can use a feature called "Archiving Revisions". You will need Plastic SCM version or above. Click here to see the feature and how to use it. 

I'm sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

This is extremely unfortunate, was looking forward to swapping to this system once this was complete. Guess I'll look elsewhere. This kind of thing is non negotiable, hopefully you re-prioritize in the future.

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It's sad to scroll through this thread hoping for an answer and realizing that there is no serious will to add this obviously necessary feature, especially when working with 3D game engines like unity or unreal.
Economically and ecologically weak. The only solution for me is to look for another provider.

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It's been a couple years and I'm revisiting this thread as a regular part of development considerations. Contracts come and go, teams grow and shrink, and version control is in the foremost object of consideration for any digital product in this day and age.

It's clear that PlasticSCM is a cloud hosting provider first and foremost with Version Control a secondary objective to drive that product, and this is made especially clear when on-prem servers are directed to contact sales. That's okay! Your business model is yours and we're all coexisting in the industry. If you cannot be clear about your business objectives, that's fine, but it most certainly feels disingenuous to tease features on promises in discussion with zero follow through.

PlasticSCM seems to be a successful product for those whose development pipeline benefits from this service, and you've been at least communicative in your immediate intentions, but it's certainly limited compared to the competition by quite a large margin. I'm just asking you to be clear about your actual goals and intentions, but I think your actions have spoken enough on this particular subject.

I hope the best for you; Perhaps in the future PlasticSCM may become something tenable.

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Hi, the "cm purge" option allows to purge file revisions in the repository. You can specify the file type and the date but I'm afraid you cannot delete a changeset if it's the parent of some other changeset. The purge operation works at the file revision level. Not at the changeset level.

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