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Setup on Synology

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I have been researching different version control possibilities for the last few months. I am a Game Artist and want to create some smaller projects on the side. While I work with perforce in my job, I would like to host the server and the repository/depot on my Synology DS414. 

I looked into:

Perforce p4d/helix core -> does not support ARM processors anymore

Git + lfs -> destroys my nice folder structure that I set up for private projects by saving large files outside of main repository


Plastic SCM looks really good, but I fail to find a guide that specifies how to get it onto my Synology. While I think I grasp technical things pretty quickly, I am not experienced with Docker or Mono until now. I am happy to revert to other websites for the knowledge on these parts, but I dont know where to begin setting up the machine.

Can anybody guide me into a direction on how to set up Plastic SCM on a Synology Diskstation?


best regards


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Hi Marc,


I'm afraid we don't have anything official, but you can check this thread:


You will need to install mono and then proceed with the zips provided.

We know other users have installed it in their Synology NAS, but it is not officially supported.


Best regards,


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