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A couple questions


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I have a few questions about SemanticMerge:


  1. For the Unlimited License, it says "SemanticMerge is yours forever", but it doesn't say anything about updates.  In a post on the license forum it stated that upgrades will be included, for now but that may change.  That was 6 months ago, so I'm not sure if it is still the case.  The main reason I'm asking is because of the proposed multi-file merge feature.  If we have to pay twice to get that feature I would prefer to wait until it is implemented and then buy the tool.
  2. I'm pretty sure the tool supports VB.Net, but I was confused.  It says VB.Net on the Buy page but I noticed in the How to Configure in Plastic SCM guide it says "Select "Use with files that match the following pattern:" and add the .cs extension (We currently only support C# files today)".  I'm assuming this was just old and that you support .vb files?
  3. If we get the .Net version of the product, what file extensions are supported?  .cs and .vb?  Looking around the forums it appears that the project files are not supported.
  4. Is there a trial version?  I was wanting to give the tool a spin to see how useful it will be for us.



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1) Yes, right now if you purchase an unlimited license it will include the upgrades to the future versions.

Most likely we will have to change this in the future and do something like:
* Free updates on the same version (like if you purchase 1.0 you get all the updates until we go for 2.0)
* Special discount when upgrading to newer versions.
But right now, since we didn't define this policy yet, if you purchase we will keep you always updated.
2) Yes, this parragrah is outdated, we should update it. 
3) Both .cs and .vb are supported but not ".sln" or ".csproj" files.
4) You can download Semantic Merge in our web page and you will get a free trial license to evaluate it.
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