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How do I know what branch I'm working in...


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I know you can tell by using the GUI...and there's probably a command line way?

However I am faced with a problem if working mostly in an IDE (unfortunately it's good old Powerbuilder) - where the physical code workspace (ie: on disk) has no indication of the branch (ie: in a branch-per-task model).

The problem is that if it's not easy to tell what branch you are in, then there is a distinct possibility that objects may be checked-out/in and worked on in the wrong branch (ie: issue).

An example in my case are the prod support guys - they may be working on a dozen different 'issues' in one day - and switching between them due to the process (eg: waiting for code approvals, etc).

Of course changes can be fixed up if found to be done against the wrong issue/branch

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Hi Grant!

I know you can tell by using the GUI...and there's probably a command line way?

cm wi c:\Users\pablo\wkspaces\wkreview
Repository: codice@
Branch: /main

Ok, I see your point. I normally don't have this issue because I don't switch branches so often (I mean, once, twice a day, but no more than that), but I guess it can be a real issue if you're continuously changing.

The ideal way would be to have a panel inside Powerbuilder but our integration there is pretty limited by the SCC API, I'm afraid.

So, what about some sort of "info panel" telling you the status of your workspace? Would it be enough? Are you using a Vista OS or W7? Because maybe a "sidebar" gadget could help. What do you think?

Otherwise a small WinApp that stays on top and runs a cm wi command regularly and tells you if something has been modified on the workspace configuration. Would it help?


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